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Alkaline Water: Is Alkaline Water Good For Your Health?

Alkaline water is the reverse of acidic water. It has a higher pH level than plain water.
Claims that it has numerous health benefits have assisted increase the popularity of alkaline diets and sales of machines that turn water alkaline.

Ionizing machines are one example of these items. These can cost over hundreds of rands. See Kangen Water Reviews here.

What clinical evidence lies behind drinking alkaline water? Exist any tested health benefits?

What is alkaline water?

The pH of water is neutral, around pH 7. Chemicals and gases can alter this to make it more acidic or more alkaline.

Rainwater’s pH is slightly below neutral, because there is carbon dioxide from the air, and this increases acidity.

Acidic substances have a pH of listed below 7.0, down to zero. The pH of vinegar is around pH 3, lemon juice around pH 2, and battery acid around pH 1.
Alkaline substances have a pH as much as 14. Baking soda’s pH is between pH 8 and 9, and milk of magnesia is in between pH 10 and 11.
Water can be high or low in pH, however if it is too high or too low, it can have adverse impacts.

Water that is too alkaline has a bitter taste. It can cause deposits that encrust pipelines and appliances. Highly acidic water may wear away metals or even liquify them.


Alkaline water has actually become popular in the last few years due to a belief that it may benefit health.

Bone health and osteoporosis

Some research has been done on the results of alkaline intake on bones. A research study published in Bone found an impact on bone resorption. Bone resorption is the process where old bone cells are broken down and changed by new ones.

Less bone resorption and more mineral density result in much better bone strength.

The authors concluded that “a bicarbonate- and calcium-rich alkali mineral water reduced bone resorption more than a calcium-rich acidic mineral water.”

However, this was a small impact.

The scientists required more research study, to see if the advantage of less bone resorption was long-term and could improve bone mineral density.

Another research study, released in Nutrition Journal, compared the impact of an acidic diet, rather than alkaline water, on osteoporosis, an illness marked by weak and brittle bones.

Evaluating the background to the study, the authors kept in mind a high number of claims being made on the Internet. These claims recommended “that alkaline diets and associated business products counteract level of acidity, assist the body regulate its pH, and thus prevent disease processes.”

The review used top quality proof to conclude that acid from the modern-day diet plan does not trigger osteoporosis. It also concluded that an alkaline diet or alkaline supplements or salts do not prevent osteoporosis.

A review of research studies published in 2012 discovered that an alkaline diet plan led to urine that was more alkaline, and potentially less calcium in the urine.

The researchers did not anticipate this to reflect overall calcium levels, and they found no proof that this would enhance bone health or assistance avoid osteoporosis.


An evaluation of the results of alkalis on cancer was released by Dr. Tanis Fenton and coworkers in the journal BMJ Open.

The evaluation evaluated countless research studies, but the authors discovered only one appropriate, randomized test of acid in the diet and cancer of the urinary bladder.

They found no research studies about alkaline water and cancer in people.

The scientists note: “In our experience, clients with cancer are approached by salesmen who are promoting water alkalinizers as a method to treat their cancer.”

They conclude:

” Despite the promotion of the alkaline diet and alkaline water by the media and salespeople, there is almost no actual research to either support or disprove these ideas.”

One research study has actually suggested that an alkaline diet plan, however not specifically alkaline water, may improve the action of some chemotherapy substance abuse to deal with cancer.


Acid reflux illness is when the contents of the stomach, which are acidic, splash back up the food pipeline.

Acid reflux that keeps happening for a very long time can cause damage and an illness called gastroesophageal reflux illness, or GERD.

A study released in Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology discovered that drinking alkaline water might be worth further study as a supplement to other treatments for reflux illness.

It found that alkaline water at pH 8.8 stops an enzyme that is linked to reflux illness. It likewise appeared to lower the level of acidity of the stomach contents.

The work was done in a lab rather than in human beings. More research study would be required to support these findings.

Stomach acid exists for a purpose. It eliminates bacteria and other pathogens, and it helps our bodies to absorb food and soak up nutrients.

Blood pressure and diabetes

Scientists in Shanghai discovered that 3 to 6 months after drinking alkaline water, individuals with hypertension, high blood sugar level, and high blood lipids had lower measures in each of these elements.

In 2016, researchers discovered that a high-pH electrolyte water minimized blood viscosity in 100 adults, after exercising. This might help in reducing cardiovascular stress due to dehydration.

However, the researchers explain that individuals had various procedures of whole blood viscosity at the start, which might have affected the outcomes.

It is worth noting that the research study was sponsored by Essentia Water, who likewise supplied the alkaline water utilized.